Animatics to Final Renders.

When going from concept to completion we provide visuals along the way to help you see what the final product will look like. This is how we keep you in the loop during the production process.

Initial Visuals & Storyboards

When we work with our clients we provide visuals at every step of the process. This keeps you in the loop and allows us to create the best video for your brand. This process begins in the initial planning and ideas stage. After we’ve narrowed the initial concepts down to a single idea we create a scene-by-scene storyboard. Hand drawn, or AI images of each scene are provided along with a description of the scene, and if there’s voice over, we include that too. This immediately let you see your video come to life. It also lets you see the concept in a new light, bringing forward new ideas where we can communicate to develop the story.

Animatics & AI Voice Over

Once the storyboards are completed, the CGI animatic begins. Think of this stage as a ‘moving storyboard’ where we use very simple, untextured, shapes to represent the scenes. Along with an AI voiceover, we also try a number of music tracks to see what best fits the video. This provides a great representation of the video before much of the CGI work is put in. You can get a feel for the length and flow of the story and hearing the voice over with a music track lets you visualise what the final product will be.

Look Development

From here we start to flesh out each scene. Putting in detailed animations, models, create the lighting, texturing and simulations. This is the stage where we turn the ‘moving storyboard’ into the final piece. Of course we keep you in the loop here too, sending full quality still frames of each scene as we make them.

Editing and Post Production

After rendering the final shots, we have our footage. It now needs to be edited into the final video. Taking the professionally recorded voice over, mixing it with the music, adding sound effects, graphics and post effects; the renders are professionally edited into your final video.

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